About Us

Our Story

Hunter Construction Group was born from the desire to create a suite of trades working together, creating a cohesive and complementary construction process.

In order to provide our clients the best possible service, we set out to minimise, or even eliminate, the result of non-optimal supply chains and reliance on 3rd parties. Being that there is a real cost borne from delays, defects, non-conformance and quality issues, we set out to create a level of control over the critical components that can affect our ability to deliver on time and to the highest quality.
Whether it's a core supplier or a complimentary trade, our focus has always been to build the right mix of products and capabilities to offer the best possible result for our clients. We stand by our reputation on this front.
precast panel installation


Demonstrating care through action

We’ve built an industry and local reputation for caring as much as you do. Working diligently, we focus on building performance and economies of scale and time to ensure smoother, higher quality outcomes.

Collective understanding

The combined expertise of our six companies provides unrivalled depth of knowledge of every component of your project and the ideal methods of building to deliver an outstanding result.

We're all in this together

From clients and end users to contractors, project managers and consultants – we’re all working to the same vision of a high-quality build. By drawing on this collaborative mentality, we ensure greater levels of cooperation and communication throughout the project/build process.

Everyone's important to us

You’re important to us, regardless of your business or project size. Our doors are always open, and we’re accessible and available to you, your project team and all who need timely, expert advice and answers to keep things rolling forward.

It's in the detail

Our proven high-level mitigation strategies reduce your exposure to risks every step of the process. We’re masters of details from the get-go, ensuring nothing falls between the gaps for greater peace of mind and higher quality, on-time, on-budget outcomes.

Every problem solved

We believe there’s a solution to every problem and use our collective intelligence and skills to find quality options and answers.

Our Group

Hunter Construction Group is a collective of construction and trade companies sharing knowledge and experience to build expertise across many construction types and industries.