What We Offer

Hunter Construction Group

Hunter Construction Group is a group of seven independent trades and businesses working together as one to deliver unrivalled transparency, trust, and confidence, so you complete your build on time and to the highest standard.

Through one point of contact, we provide a consultative response, proactive workflow planning, management, and delivery across seven key trades. Whether you need one trade or all seven, we help you to reduce your risk exposure throughout the project and beyond and ensure a high-performance build on time, every time.

Building better together

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A Consultative Approach

Bridging the gaps for a smoother build and quality outcome

Our team members are Hunter locals and highly experienced in their respective trades. By uniting workflow planning, management, and delivery, we bridge the gaps and ensure your build program runs smoothly. During our consultative response, we bring you and your stakeholder/project teams (sub‐contractors, client, end user, project manager, architects, and engineers) together, capturing the details and making build recommendations that increase the certainty of costs, timing, and quality.

Prepared for the unexpected

Equal parts flexible and agile, our team adapts to your changing needs and circumstances. We’re experts at balancing those competing priorities and always have your back before, during and post construction by focusing on building quality and performance while being economical with time and budgets.

Protect profits and save time

One group, five trades and a single point of contact ensure a collaborative team that’s committed to getting the job done without compromise. It means you can redirect your time, money, and energy where it’s needed most while we manage the trades and detailing, building strong relationships with the people who will do the job well.

A proactive approach to problem solving

Always accessible, our subject matter experts across geotechnics, soil testing, concrete, precast panels, steel, install, and glazing (windows, doors and partitioning) have an unwavering focus on overcoming obstacles and challenges before they impact your project.
You can rely on our proven skills and local expertise, working as one team because you’re important to us—regardless of your business or project size. We care about your project as much as you do because we know the long-­‐term positive impact an outstanding result will have on your reputation and the neighbourhood in which we live and work.

What We Offer

1. Consulting Services

At the outset of any building project, HCG can provide consultative insights and considerations during the planning phase. Advise on potential hurdles and solutions therein. Ensure compliance to building codes. Monitor on an ongoing basis during construction.

2. Consolidated Quotes

Although each business will quote separately to ensure itemisation and transparency, HCG will coordinate the process and provide a timely and complete dossier of all proposed costings.

3. Manufacturing, Supply and Install

Further attributing to efficiencies, HCG companies will undertake the entire process in their field, eliminating the need to coordinate manage schedules.

4. Single Point of Contact

Having a single contact for all HCG companies is a benefit that can’t be overstated. Simple, effective, efficient.

5. High Level of Communication

Having a single source managing all group trades means that communication becomes easier and more concise.

6. Multiple Trades Coordination

Let us do ringing, emailing and scheduling.

7. Reduced Costs

Part of the benefit of using HCG as a group is our ability to incorporate value engineering, and eliminate waste through tight processes.

8. Access to Experts

From Engineers to Draftpersons, Workshop Managers to Installers, HCG have the people in the know.

9. Delivery Confidence

By way of holistic scheduling of manufacturing, transport and installation, you can be confident in your build and delivery timelines.

10. Quality Product

Across the group is an unwavering focus on quality. We stake our reputation on this.

11. Compressed Build Timelines

Working as one means that we can tie our schedules together and eliminate delays.

12. Post Build Liaison

As with pre-build and during construction, we are available post build for full client satisfaction.

13. Trust/Credibility

By using HCG, you are using local and trusted suppliers and trades. Our reputation is paramount.

14. Local Knowledge

Our people bring not only professional experience, but local experience too. The Hunter is our home, and we know the industry.

15. Vertical Integrated Capabilities

By utilising our vertical integration capabilities, we can avoid upstream supplier issues and deliver with confidence.